Big Software and VMs

As a front-end developer, I primarily code html, css, and javascript. I use Sublime Text (2) as my code editor, as well CodeKit, Git, Grunt & Bower to help process, compile, & manage code for my projects. I have a set of tools which I have become accustomed to using on most of my projects. Why not? They're easy to use, have the capabilities I need, and allow me to turn off certain features I don't use. This helps me be more efficient and consistent. I work on a Mac. Very few of the tools I use are only available for the Mac OS.

In the last 12 months, I have been involved in 2 separate projects which required me to run a specific coding environment on a Windows VM. Now before you go hating, let me reassure you that I have plenty of respect for those who develop on a PC. This [rant] is not in reference to PC vs Mac. Some of my best friends use Windows. No. Both projects were based on Java frameworks (cross platform friendly, right?) from two of the biggest software companies on the planet. Yet, the dev software only worked in Windows.

Big Software, there are a lot of developers who use Macs (and Linux based os's) to develop, and the number is growing.

By the way, it wasn't Oracle or Microsoft.